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enclosed car shipping to atlanta

Are you interested in learning more about Car Shipping to Atlanta? We can help you with some information to help you figure out if car shipping is best for you. Car Shipping to Atlanta is a popular route nationwide but from South Florida, it’s very popular. We are South Florida’s source for car shipping nationwide.

Car Shipping to atlanta

Both Fort Lauderdale and Atlanta are very populated areas and many dealerships in each major city. So there are many residential and dealership transports daily. So, there will be many drivers to choose from, with both open and enclosed trailers available to choose from. Simply put car shipping to Atlanta is very simple if done with the right Car Shipping Company.

When you are shipping your car the first thing you are looking for is transporter-to-customer communication. We don’t mean just the initial booking process. Some of these companies with tell you anything at first and then when it comes down to actually transporting the vehicle they are nowhere to be found. This is actually the way we get most of our business.

When you are car shipping to Atlanta, it’s important to know it’s a 1-to-2-day trip. So sometimes the driver will be looking to deliver it within 24 hours. This is important because you want someone on each end that can give the vehicle to the driver and when he’s ready to deliver, you’ll need someone to accept it. Mainly because the inspection report needs to be signed and the keys need to be accepted.

Although some deliveries are on the same day, it’s usually delivered the following day. Just because they typically have 2-4 other vehicles they are picking up and delivering. So if you have ever driven in South Florida or Atlanta traffic you know how time-consuming that can be at times.

During the booking process, you’ll know more or less a firm time frame to expect your vehicle to be loaded and unloaded. Just keep in mind they drive really long truck and trailer combos, so timing is difficult at times.

car shipping to atlanta

Door to Door

What does door-to-door mean? Simply put it’s the addresses you provide for pickup and delivery. This is how we do all of our auto transports nationwide.

However, most transport trucks and trailers won’t pull up to your door. These trucks are usually 70-80 feet long and depending on the neighborhood the likelihood of them pulling up to your door is pretty low. It’s just considered door-to-door because you won’t have to travel far to meet the driver.

Usually, they’ll park outside the neighborhood address that you provided on both pickup and delivery. Other times it’s best to meet the driver at your local shopping center that has a large parking area and possibly lighting so a pickup or delivery when it’s dark outside.

Open or Enclosed Trailer?

Trust Fort Lauderdale Auto Shipping with your open or enclosed auto transport!

Car shipping to Atlanta on an open trailer is most common and for smaller-sized vehicles, the price ranges from 550$ to 750$. With a route under 750 miles, it’s typical for a light-duty 3500 series type pickup truck with a 3-4 car wedge trailer. Similar to the photo listed.

Insurance coverage is about the same with open trailers and enclosed trailers. Both are safe to ship on and on an open trailer, it’s safer than driving down the highway yourself. Mainly because the vehicles on the trailer are lifted off the ground quite a bit.

enclosed car shipping to atlanta

Car shipping to Atlanta on an enclosed trailer is common for exotic cars or lowered cars that will have trouble loading on an open trailer. This is usually the main reason to ship enclosed. The ramps are usually longer making the angle for loading and unloading better for lowered vehicles.

The typical enclosed trailer used for car shipping to Atlanta is a 48-foot enclosed cargo trailer that has been modified to handle vehicles safely. They usually have a track for the wheels to be tied down and we never strap to the fame.

So that’s almost all we can say about Car Shipping to Atlanta but if you have any questions please call us at (954) 320-6018 If you’re looking for a quote use the image above to get started. We are available on the web 24/7 and are in the office 9-5 M-F. Thanks again

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Ship it or Drive it?

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