Auto Shipping to Orlando

Welcome, and if you’re interested in auto-shipping to Orlando you’re in the right place. We ship all over the country but when shipping a vehicle within Florida it’s important to note a few things. First, it’s a very short trip so pickup and delivery are done within 24-36 hours usually. Second is cost and it’s a short haul so it shouldn’t break the bank. Lastly would be available and you’ll be good there too because of how many trucks are needed to keep up with the demand of vehicles coming and going.

Shipping from Orlando down to South Florida is popular for dealerships because of the number of vehicles in the Orlando area. Orlando has the most auctions in an area than most major cities in the United States. They’re also a lot of auctions in the South part of Florida and they move vehicles from auction to auction as well.

The cost overall will vary depending on the time of year. We ship to a lot of dealers and loads of 5 or more are around 150$ each. Single units usually stay around 250$.

If you’re shipping a vehicle from Orlando to the Port for shipments going out of the country it’s slightly higher because of the time needed at the port. They have a lot of regulations and security checks slowing down the process. Usual costs are 50-100 depending on timing. Also, note that they’re not open on the weekends.

Some customers ask about tracking. Tracking a vehicle is growing with apps and other software to connect you with the driver. For this route, it’s not really necessary because of how short the haul is. It’s usually best to text the driver for updates. That way he/she can get to a safe place before responding. Drivers aren’t the best communicators but they’re pretty good at texting to keep you updated.

Auto Shipping to Olrando
Auto Shipping to Orlando

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