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Are you thinking about Auto Transport to or from Fort Lauderdale? We can help!!


At Fort Lauderdale Auto Shipping, we want to make your shipping experience as easy and transparent as possible. So, in general, here is what you can expect from us through the process.

Fort Lauderdale Auto Shipping

The Quote:
Our goal is to get you the lowest rate we possibly can while ensuring that your car is going to be able to be moved efficiently. There are several factors, however, that will affect the amount you are quoted. These include market conditions, the location of your vehicle, and the time frame in which you would like it delivered. You must also hire a company to get the best driver for your route. 50% of drivers aren’t worth using because of how they handle their business and equipment.

Auto Transport:
We want to move your vehicle as close to the time frame that is convenient for you as possible. However, a number of different factors also determine this, mainly your geographical location. Shipments from a large city to a large city are easier to move than shipments to and from rural locales, and they can generally be moved cheaply as well. The reason for this is simple: there are just more carriers that operate in and around large cities.

When it comes time for your vehicle to be picked up, the driver will call the shipping representative ahead of time to ensure that you are prepared for him. The driver will do a quick inspection of your vehicle and have some paperwork for the shipper to sign as he takes possession of the vehicle. Once he picks up the vehicle, we ask that you make your deposit to us. Some orders don’t require deposits. We’ll cover more about the payment below.

At any point during your vehicle’s transport, should you have any questions, we have customer service representatives by the phone ready to answer any questions you may have about your vehicle’s status. Rest assured, however, that we use only the highest-rated carriers and ensure that they’re licensed, insured, and bonded. This makes for a smooth transport.

When your vehicle gets close to reaching its destination, the driver will call the receiving party to ensure a time that fits into their schedule. Once a time has been set up and the vehicle reaches its destination, the driver will unload it off the truck and inspect it again with the receiving party to check for any damage that may have happened in transit. It is at this point that you pay the driver for their services.

The Payment:
Many carriers will force you to pay a deposit upfront before your car is even moved, and they’ll keep it even if they can’t move your vehicle at the price they originally quoted you. We never charge your deposit until after your vehicle is picked up. We are set up to take your payment in an assortment of convenient ways, including Cash, Credit or Debit Card, Money Order, and Invoicing for Major Dealerships.

Most of the time, payments are made to the carrier once the car is delivered. Knowing the payment methods the carrier accepts in advance is good, as they may vary from carrier to carrier. So when you speak to the driver, ask him which payment methods his company accepts.

Any Issues:
The vast majority of vehicle transport goes on without any problems. However, should you have any issues or concerns about your transport, we are standing by to help you resolve them. So, if you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to call us.

Fort Lauderdale Auto Shipping

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