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Fort Lauderdale Auto Shipping is NOT new in the business rather it has been there in the industry for the last 15 years with its proven record of satisfied customers. We do not claim big words instead we show our authentication and trustworthiness through our experience, satisfied clients, and proficient work. Today we are among the top-rated auto shipping companies in the country and this milestone has been achieved with dedication, reliability, and hard work. It is a result of collective efforts made by our dexterous team members. The transport specialists at Fort Lauderdale Auto Shipping are all the time fully geared up to serve the customers in a right and courteous manner. There are no misleading or false claims and no hidden charges or rates delivered to our valued customers. We value our clients and in return, they endow us with the same.

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Apart from the courteousness in dealing, swiftness in work, affordable prices, and other claims, Fort Lauderdale Auto Shipping is unique because of the direct carrier access and the best of the best carrier companies are on board with us. Get your free quote started on our home page.

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We believe in quality but with affordability. For us, every customer is the same. There is no price difference at all, as our rates are for all. With us, you will always find economical prices and above all, your vehicles are shipped with supreme safety in this moderate price brackets. You will find us lower in terms of pricing than our competitors, but will surely find us much higher in terms of quality.

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Every staffer is fully equipped with the right skills, thorough knowledge, and professionalism. They understand every inch of the business of transportation which is why they are called specialists. We do not leave you standing still instead our specialists stay with the customers from pick up to drop off the vehicle. Our gesture shows customer satisfaction is what we always seek! We care about your vehicle. The majority of our customers are repeat clients and this is because of the satisfaction and trust they experience with us. Fort Lauderdale Auto Shipping will always keep you in the loop, unlike other companies who won’t answer after your order is booked.

About us

The info below was found onĀ Wikipedia:

The area in which the city of Fort Lauderdale would later be founded was inhabited for more than a thousand years by the Tequesta Indians. Contact with Spanish explorers in the 16th century proved disastrous for the Tequesta, as the Europeans unwittingly brought with them diseases to which the native populations possessed no resistance, such as smallpox. For the Tequesta, disease, coupled with continuing conflict with their Calusa neighbors, contributed greatly to their decline over the next two centuries. By 1763, there were only a few Tequesta left in Florida, and most of them were evacuated to Cuba when the Spanish ceded Florida to the British in 1763, under the terms of the Treaty of Paris, which ended the Seven Years’ War.[8] Although control of the area changed between Spain, United Kingdom, the United States, and the Confederate States of America, it remained largely undeveloped until the 20th century.

The Fort Lauderdale area was known as the “New River Settlement” before the 20th century. In the 1830s there were approximately 70 settlers living along the New River. William Cooley, the local Justice of the Peace, was a farmer and wrecker, who traded with the Seminole Indians. On January 6, 1836, while Cooley was leading an attempt to salvage a wrecked ship, a band of Seminoles attacked his farm, killing his wife and children, and the children’s tutor. The other farms in the settlement were not attacked, but all the white residents in the area abandoned the settlement, fleeing first to the Cape Florida Lighthouse on Key Biscayne, and then to Key West.

The first United States stockade named Fort Lauderdale was built in 1838,[11] and subsequently was a site of fighting during the Second Seminole War. The fort was abandoned in 1842, after the end of the war, and the area remained virtually unpopulated until the 1890s. It was not until Frank Stranahan arrived in the area in 1893 to operate a ferry across the New River, and the Florida East Coast Railroad’s completion of a route through the area in 1896, that any organized development began. The city was incorporated in 1911, and in 1915 was designated the county seat of the newly formed Broward County.

Fort Lauderdale’s first major development began in the 1920s, during the Florida land boom of the 1920s. The 1926 Miami Hurricane[14] and the Great Depression of the 1930s caused a great deal of economic dislocation. When World War II began, Fort Lauderdale became a major US base, with a Naval Air Station to train pilots, radar operators, and fire control, operators. A Coast Guard base at Port Everglades was also established.

After the war ended, service members returned to the area, spurring an enormous population explosion that dwarfed the 1920s boom. The 1960 Census counted 83,648 people in the city, about 230% of the 1950 figure. A 1967 report estimated that the city was approximately 85% developed, and the 1970 population figure was 139,590. After 1970, as Fort Lauderdale became essentially built out, growth in the area shifted to suburbs to the west. As cities such as Coral Springs, Miramar, and Pembroke Pines experienced explosive growth, Fort Lauderdale’s population stagnated, and the city actually shrank by almost 4,000 people between 1980, when the city had 153,279 people, and 1990, when the population was 149,377. A slight rebound brought the population back up to 152,397 at the 2000 census. Since 2000, Fort Lauderdale has gained slightly over 18,000 residents through the annexation of seven neighborhoods in unincorporated Broward County. Today, Fort Lauderdale is a major yachting center, one of the nation’s largest tourist destinations, and the center of a metropolitan division with 1.8 million people.

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